The Galaxy Card Collection

The world's first NFT business card.

Galaxy Games Inc. believes that your business cards should be just as valuable as your business. Because of this firm belief, we introduce to you "The Galaxy Card."

A fully customizable virtual business card, "The Galaxy Card" introduces audiences to your business, as well as directs your audience wherever you'd like. Want to send your audience to your online store, your music page, or to a link where they can download personalized media? No problem! The Galaxy Card is your one stop shop.

Have your Galaxy Card minted into an NFT, and allow your customers to instantly invest in your business, or simply use it as a way to inform, and educate your clientele on what's new! 

Using the latest cutting edge technology, "The Galaxy Card" integrates 8bit gaming with advertisement, product information, multimedia content, and much more.

Create your own Galaxy Card today, and stand out from the rest of the crowd! 

Check out a few Galaxy Cards below!

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